Zofran 4mg (Ondansetron)

Zofran 4mg (Ondansetron)

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Zofran 4mg Over the Counter

It comes in both 4mg and Zofran 8mg strength. Zofran is also known as Ondansetron, as that is the active ingredient in each pill. The pill is yellow in color and oval in shape. It comes in ODT form as well i.e. Zofran ODT, it disintegrates in the mouth. To buy Zofran over the counter is not as easy as it sounds, most pharmacies will require you to have a prescription. If you want to order Zofran online without prescription you need to find a reputable vendor that is allowed to do so.

Zofran is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. Later the association allowed the drug to be manufactured as generic from different companies in the field. Initially Zofran 4mg price was high but now it is more affordable.

What Is Zofran 4mg and What Is It Used For?

Zofran is used to stop vomiting and nauseous sensations. It is often given to patients who are undergoing cancer treatment like chemotherapy sessions or radiation therapy. It helps in treating the nausea and vomiting one feels after going through these sessions. It is also used post-surgery to reduce and stop vomiting.

If you have been given anesthesia, and are experiencing continuous trembling then this medicine could be suggested to you. When you order Zofran online the Zofran 4mg price can be reduced by various coupons. You can contact our support team for coupons.

The drug helps in stopping the production of Serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a natural substance which makes your brain feels the vomiting and nauseous sensation.

If you are going to get Zofran over the counter do remember to take the correct dosage.

Recommended Zofran 4mg Dosage

Before you start taking the medication always read out the instruction manual or pamphlet given with the medicine box. It is must as all necessary warnings and general dose are shared in that manual. The dose will be determined by how severe your condition is. The various dosage for various illnesses differ

  • Preventing vomiting or nausea after the therapy for cancer that is radiation therapy or chemotherapy you need to take it about 1 to 2 hours before the session.

  • You will be required to take some extra doses of this medicine maybe up to 3x daily for first few days after the therapy is done for cancer treatment.

  • Dose for chemotherapy in adults is around 4 times to 6 times daily if taken in strength 4mg.

  • Dose for radiation therapy in adults ranging from 17 to 64 years of age is 24 mg in a day.

  • If it is given to stop vomiting post-surgery then 16 mg is the recommended dose that has to be taken before the scheduled surgery.

Buying Zofran over the counter is preferred as you can see the strength that you are getting. You can choose between Zofran 4mg and Zofran 8mg.

Potential Zofran 4mg Side Effects

There can be some mild reactions such as

  • Severe Headache,

  • Giddiness,

  • Fainting,

  • Sleepiness,

  • Tiredness, or

  • Constipation can happen.

If any of these symptoms get worse contact the doctor immediately. There are some serious and rare reactions to this medicine such as:

  • Pain in stomach,

  • Stiffness in muscles,

  • Vision getting blurred or loss of it temporarily.

  • Pain in chest,

  • Fluctuation in heartbeat.

Be cautious of overdose happening. It has happened many times that the person has done overdose of the medicine, though it occurs only if the medication has been taken around 10 times more than the regular dose. The symptoms that will tell you that you have overdosed on the medicine are:

  • Vision going blind suddenly and briefly

  • If you feel that you are having difficulty and are having severe constipation.

  • If you are falling down regularly.

  • Heartbeat fluctuations

There can be other side effects as well if you see any symptom, just pay a visit to the hospital. If Zofran 4mg price is putting a hole in your pocket order Zofran online as there are various coupons available which can get you discounted price.

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