Carisoprodol 500 mg (Soma)

Carisoprodol 500 mg (Soma)

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Soma 500 mg (Pain O Soma, Carisoprodol) 

Muscle pains are cured by the Soma muscle relaxer commonly known as Carisoprodol. Are you ready to combat that muscle pain without taking so many medicines but only one? This post will help you to understand more about Pain O Soma, Carisoprodol or simply known as Soma. According to the title, we will talk about the specific dosage needed, 500 mg.

In a busy world, our muscles primary functions in all that we do and may end up to muscle sore, strain or injury. Sometimes the pain is neglected until it becomes worse and worse to the point that it starts to negatively affect your life. Most muscular conditions are effectively treated with Soma 500 mg.

What is Soma 500 mg (Pain O Soma, Carisoprodol)?  

It is a two-layered round compound tablet. It has a fixed dose combination, containing 500 mg or Carisoprodol 350 mg. Soma acts as a muscle relaxant while the aspirin is for anti-inflammation. Therefore, putting them together results in a stronger effect 

The tablets have a bitter taste and to some extent soluble in water. However, it is taken as a tablet and not as liquid. Normally Soma requires a prescription but can also be purchased online from authorized retailers where Soma can be bought without prescription. It is a perfect purchase for those who often experience muscle aches due to hard work.  

To some extent, Soma without prescription can be a starting substance when someone is trying to achieve the Soma high, as doctors call it.

The Soma muscle relaxer also renders many more beneficial uses. The drug starts working after 30 minutes of intake and the effect can last up to six hours. It is taken 2-3 times daily to fully see the result of healing through Soma.

Children aged under 12-years-old should not be Soma without prescription, for minors it is important to get approval from a doctor. Also, for pregnant women, it is better to be sure and therefore asks your doctor first before taking Soma. 

 Recommended Soma 500 mg Dosage  

A recommended dosage of 500 mg. The maximum recommended dosage is 500 mg two to three times a day. A high dosage may result in the Soma high or potential side effects.  

If it is your first time taking Soma without prescription then start with a lower dose, 500mg once or twice a day.

Soma is often compared to Tramadol. Tramadol is another pain reliever medicine. What will happen if Tramadol and Soma took together? Tramadol and Soma together may cause psychotropic effects upon the person taking it.   

All in all, being aware of the proper dosage of Soma is needed.

Skipped Dosage

When you skip or forget to take a dose. Even though one dosage is skipped, do not double your next dose. Take the next done as soon as you remember and continue as normal. Always take what is prescribed by the doctor to avoid further side effects.  


When you overdose you will start noticing side effects. Almost all kinds of medicines, when taken excessively, will result in many bad side effects. In such cases lower your dosage or consult with your doctor.

However, some side effects can still be experienced. Read below for Soma 500 mg side effects.

Soma Muscle Relaxer Side Effects  

Taking Soma with or without prescription may result in sudden side effects. Since Soma is a compound medication, Carisoprodol and Aspirin have different side effects.  

Central Nervous System  

Soma normally affects the central nervous system whenever it is ingested. It may cause headache, drowsiness, overreactions, seizures, and a bad sleeping habit. These happen when you overdose. Depression is another possible side effect of Soma.


Postural hypertension is one side effect of Soma on the cardiovascular system. It is more than dangerous than the cured illness through it. Therefore an overdose is dangerous.

Car accidents  

A person who takes a high dosage of Soma without prescription must not be allowed to drive a car. In 2018, twenty-one car accident cases were recorded where the car was driven by a Soma high driver. Soma has drowsy and confusion side effects that we know normally cause accidents.  

Tolerance and withdrawal effects  

Soma is so addicting when tolerated even when used in medical terms. Once the patient takes more of the number prescribed, it becomes an addiction. Normally, Soma is used as drugs right after taking a stronger drug. There are effects under withdrawal period, including anxiety, insomnia, and other serious ending side effect. 

Other side effects

Below is an additional list of side effects for Soma when taking too high of a dose. If you want to decrease the chance of geting these side effects, please take Soma in proper dosage.  

  • Paralysis 
  • Awakened allergies (these are the allergies that aren’t active until you took an overdosage, Soma
  • Vision impairment
  • Weaker immune system (The whole being will be infected by overdosed Soma so better watch out) 
  • Heart failure (It really causes death and therefore take your dosage seriously) 
  • Face swelling  
  • Allergic conditions (these are allergies that suddenly came out right after taking an overdosed Soma) 
  • Seizures 

If you start experiencing multiple of the listed side effects please contact your doctor. It is better to be checked by a professional than ignoring it and then resulting in greater aches and costs.  


Soma is a great muscle relaxer. Ordering online is the key to getting the best price. Authorized vendors are allowed to sell Soma without prescription.

If you’re still not definite about Soma 500 mg, many users already trusted Soma to be their best muscle relaxant for aches and pains. It is better to be safe at the beginning by taking a smaller dosage rather than having to regret side effects.

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