Modalert 200mg (Modafinil)


Modalert 200mg (Modafinil)

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What is Modalert?

There is one drug which has become quite popular in recent times which is Modalert. Some prefer to know it as Modafinil which is sold under the brand name of Provigil.

Modafinil is also known as the Limitless Pill due to its mechanism on our body. It is capable of doing so much for our body that one cannot put any restriction on it. However, the medicine’s large-scale consumption has made us think about its capabilities, usage and dosage, and the side-effects that it may bear. Before we dive deep into the various aspects of Modalert, we must know what the research has found over the years.

Modafinil was originally developed in France in the late 1970s. It was primarily developed as a treatment for narcolepsy in France which later on was authenticated and approved by FDA in USA. Modafinil has various brand names and sold all over the world. Some of the famous brand names are Modvigil, Provigil and Modalert.

The drug is also used as a non-medical doping agent in various fields. It was used as a doping agent and attracted many controversies as some of the athletes who used it protested that the medicine was not on the prohibited list. The major reason as to why sportsmen used the drug was because of its capability to develop a high sense of concentration and focus on a task and reduce the sleepiness. Moreover, sportsmen are used to travel during any major tournaments. So, they suffered from jet lags and shift work sleeping disorder. The drug helped them to perform to their fullest.

The features of this drug have also made it popular among the students and used to be known as the “smart drug”. As soon as the usage among the students increased, the drug came to be known as “Study Pill”. Since then, the drug was used for both medical and non-medical purposes. But, the drug was developed for taking care of another purpose.

What is the Limitless Pill used for?

There are many controversies regarding the uses of the drug. But, it is our responsibility to actually find out the true reason for its development and sales over the period of time. There are many situations where a physician can prescribe this limitless pill on the medical grounds.

Narcolepsy affects the brain’s ability to control the sleep-wake cycles. They suggest that when the brain cells are not getting enough of hormonal conjuncture, the cells are likely to fall gray and this results in interrupted sleep and difficulty in waking up. People suffering from narcolepsy usually feel rested after walking but feel very sleepy throughout the day. Now, did it ever occur to you how your daily life will be affected by this situation?

If you haven’t, then we have a list. Narcoleptic patients unwillingly fall asleep in the middle of any activity like driving, talking, and/or eating. It also affects the muscles due to which the patient might feel a sudden weakness in the muscle and makes it difficult for them to move. This condition is also known as catalepsy. Other symptoms are hallucinating and total paralysis. Now, when this condition is left un-diagnosed, it may lead to an imbalance in the brain which reduces the academic and social capabilities of a person. But, thankfully, Modalert came to the rescue.

The limitless pill also has other advantages associated with it. The proper dosage of the study pill can help anyone to overcome shift work sleep disorder. It reduces the excessive sleepiness in those who do not adhere to any strict sleeping schedule. Since globalization, people from around the globe have been in direct contact with each other but due to different time-zones, they have to be flexible with their work. In such cases, they have to work in temporary shifts. Now, this temporary shift can cause a disturbance in the sleeping schedule. So, it is prescribed for the people who want to perform at their peak efficiencies during sleep time.

The study pill also caters to another segment of the society. These people suffer from obstructive sleep Apnea. The sufferers tend to have a period where their breathing stops and this leads to lack of sleep. Since the brain cells do not get enough sleep, they become tired and thus, pilot towards daytime sleepiness. The study pill helps them to stay awake. Students also consume this medicine to study for long hours at night or avoid daytime sleepiness in school. This is how Modalert derived the name of the study pill.

Recommended Limitless Pill Usage and Dosage

Is to be known that the study pill takes around 20 to 60 minutes to show its action and the effect may stay up to 10 hours. Moreover, the limitless pill can form a habit. So, overdosage must be avoided. It is also advisable to the pregnant women to stay away from Modafinil unless it is very much required.

The medicine is available in a 200mg dosage. A 200mg dose of this medicine is considered an optimal dosage. So, you must also take care of the schedule of consuming this medicine. Do not take more than 1 dosage in a 12hr window. There might be times when you have missed your dosage, and then you can surely take the missed dose as early as possible.

Also there may be times when you take a dosage and the effect seems slow or weak. In that case drink more water and give the pill more time to kick in. It is not recommended to double your dose.

Moreover, consuming a pill before sleep may provide you with difficulty in sleeping.

Potential Modalert Side-Effects

The medicine is itself a great relief for those suffering from sleeping disorders but prolongs usage of the drug can lead to the following potential side-effects:

  • Unusual Bleeding and Bruising: Since the Modalert is a heavy dosage drug, there is a high chance that initially the body might not be accustomed to it. This will lead to occasional bleeding.

  • Chest Pain: The drug is capable of generating high hormonal levels in the brain. This leads to increased heart rate and thus, the respiration process is accelerated. The rapid rhythm of the heart often leads to chest pain.

  • Difficulty in passing urine and/or tarry stools: The use of the drug increases the metabolic rate for the time being and thus consumes the food which is stored in the body as a deposit. Since it stimulates the brain cells, the requirement for energy increases which is followed by a reduction in excretory products. Therefore, the patients find it difficult to pass urine.

Apart from these, there are other side-effects too such as Nausea, Fever, Confusion, and sleeping troubles. So, it is always recommended to monitor these side-effects when taking the limitless pill.. Hopefully, we have been able to provide you with all the details about the drug and we wish that you consume this medicine wisely.

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