10 Pills Adderall 30mg

10 Pills Adderall 30mg

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Adderall 30mg is one of the commonly prescribed medications for ADHD treatment. People wanting to take Adderall 30mg often worry about getting an Adderall prescription since it is one among the controlled drugs. However, with registered and authorized pharmacies selling authentic medicines online, you do not have to think about how to get an Adderall prescription. It is possible to buy Adderall online without a prescription. In this short post, you can know everything you need to know about Adderall in addition to the Adderall 30mg price.

What Is Adderall 30 mg?

Amphetamine and Dextro-methamphetamine are the generic names of Adderall. Both are categorized in medical terms as a stimulant. Adderall was approved by the Food and Drug Association in 1960. The drug is available in two forms: Adderall IR (immediate release) and Adderall XR (extended release). The former works right after it are ingested for about 20 to 30-minutes while the other does work long after the 30-minutes immediate release as it is released slowly into the bloodstream.


What is Adderall 30mg used for?

Adderall is an effective treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Also known as ADHD, this is a condition that primarily affects the central nervous system. It is characterized by symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness. It can develop at any age and affects both children and adults. When ingested, the combination drug restores the chemical balance in the brain which is altered due to ADHD. It affects the function of three neurotransmitters – serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. In doing so, it helps manage symptoms such as hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

In addition to ADHD, Adderall is also used to treat narcolepsy, a sleep disorder. There are a few more uses of Adderall. They have been listed below.

  • Behavior control
  • Enhancing listening skills
  • Improving focus
  • Improving attentiveness
  • Calms the mind

How to use the medication?

The medication is taken orally. It can be taken on an empty or full stomach. Some people complain of developing an upset stomach when Adderall 30mg is taken on an empty stomach. If you experience the same, Adderall must be taken with food to prevent this problem. Whichever way you choose to take the medication, one has to continue the same during the course of the treatment.

Adderall 30mg Immediate release tablet is usually prescribed to be taken one to three times a day while the Adderall 30mg Extended-release tablet is prescribed once a day. For the former, the first dose should be taken immediately after waking up in the morning. The subsequent doses can be taken at intervals of 4 to 6 hours each. For Adderall extended release, the dose should be taken as the first thing in the morning. Adderall acts as a stimulant and helps relieve the problem of daytime sleepiness. Hence, it is advised against taking an Adderall Immediate release dose in the evening and an Adderall extended release dose in the afternoon. If you do so, you might experience trouble getting sleep at night.

The best way to take Adderall 30mg IR and XR is to take it with water. If you have difficulty swallowing, you can split or crush the Adderall IR 30mg tablet. Do not however crush, split or chew the contents of the Adderall XR tablet. The Adderall XR tablets are designed to release slowly into the system. Crushing or chewing a capsule risks the medicine being released at the same time. An alternate method to consume Adderall XR is to open a capsule and drop the particles onto a spoonful of applesauce. Do not leave the medicine in the applesauce for long; it should be consumed immediately. In both cases, (Adderall 30mg IR and XR) follow the medication with a good amount of water.

Is your Adderall 30mg purchase authentic?

The fear when purchasing the medicine without getting an Adderall prescription is that the vendor might be selling counterfeit drugs. It is a valid concern as spurious medications can be very dangerous to health. A few checks can help verify the authenticity of the medication you purchase.

Manufactured by Teva, Adderall is available in different strengths. The Adderall Immediate Release 30mg tablet is elliptical in shape. They are pale orange or peach in color. One side of the tablet is stamped with the power “30” while on the other side is imprinted the letter “b” and the number “974”. The tablets come in bottles; they are not packaged in a blister pack. The component medications are dextroamphetamine saccharate, amphetamine aspartate, dextroamphetamine sulfate, and amphetamine sulfate.

Adderall Extended Release 30mg tablet is a capsule. The medicine is encased in an orange and transparent film. Printed on the capsule are “Adderall XR” and the strength of the tablet “30mg”.

Do you need Adderall 30mg?

The first step to buying Adderall online without getting an Adderall prescription is to understand the real need for the medication. As mentioned above, Adderall 30mg can be used for varied issues.

Monitor yourself or the family member or friend for whom you plan to use the medication. Look for symptoms such absentmindedness, anxiety, aggression, fidgeting, short attention spans, difficulty focusing, erratic mood swings. They could hint at the possible onset of ADHD. You can speak to a doctor to confirm the same.

Excessive daytime sleepiness is a symptom of narcolepsy. This is another case where you might need to take Adderall 30mg. If you suffer from depression, bipolar disorder or get easily anxious you can think of using Adderall to improve the symptoms. However, you should always first consult a doctor especially if you have been prescribed other medications.

When is Adderall not allowed?  

Adderall is very beneficial for the medical issues it is prescribed to treat. However, it could have adverse reactions in the following cases and hence should be avoided. First of all, do not take Adderall, if you are allergic to any of the component medications. Patients of high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma, and an overactive thyroid should restrict the use of Adderall. In addition, patients with a history of mental illness should not be allowed to take Adderall as it could trigger anxiety. Further, pregnant women are advised against taking Adderall as it might affect the foetus in the womb.

When used in a dosage higher than that the prescribed one, Adderall could be habit forming and could result in drug tolerance. Persons with a history of drug and alcohol abuse should avoid the use of Adderall.

Recommended Adderall 30mg Dosage

The use of Adderall for ADHD is a long-term treatment. The lowest dosage is 5mg increasing to 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30mg for Adderall XR version. The Immediate Release (IR) form of Adderall starts at 5mg and increases to 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20 and 30mg. A minimum dose of the latter is usually prescribed to patients just starting out with the treatment. It is gradually increased if the need arises.

Below are the recommended dosages for ADHD in children and adults.

For children with ADHD  

30mg is the highest dosage of Adderall considered safe for children while the lowest is 5mg. The correct dosage is necessary to treat the ADHD condition as soon as possible. Adderall can be taken by children who are 3 years of age and above.

Age IntervalInitial doseMaintenance DoseMaximum dose 
3 to 5-years old *2.5 mg a day2.5 mg increase weekly interval
6 to 17-years old *5 mg up to 2 times a day5 mg increase every weekly intervalUp to 40 mg a day
6 to 12-years old **5 or 10 mg every morning5 to 10 mg increase weekly interval30 mg a day
13 to 17-years old **10 mg a day20 mg after 8 days30 mg a day

* The recommended dosage concerning immediate release (IR)

** The recommended dosage concerning extended release (XR)

For children with narcolepsy  

Narcolepsy is normally diagnosed in children aged 12-years old and above.

Age IntervalInitial doseMaintenance DoseMaximum dose 
6 to 11-years old 5mg divided dose a day5mg increase weekly interval
12-years old and above10mg divided dose  a day10mg increase every weekly intervalUp to 40 mg a day
  • The medication dosage is given every 4 to 6 hours; thus the total daily maximum intake permitted is 60 mg. It should not be more than that.

For adults with ADHD  

Adderall is one of the treatment options for adults suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. There are other treatments for this type of illness too.

Types of dosage Initial doseMaintenance DoseMaximum dose 
Immediate Release (IR) 5mg up to 2 times a day5mg increase weekly interval40 mg a day
Extended Release (XR)20 mg  a day

For adults with narcolepsy  

When Adderall is used as a treatment for narcolepsy, the dosage should be reduced if you experience insomnia or any other health conditions. That’s why Adderall in the immediate release form is only taken in a prescribed dose. To start with a dose of 10mg a day can be ingested in divided doses. These doses are then increased by 10 mg at weekly intervals. The maintenance dose is monitored closely to prescribe the correct needed dose for the patient.

Generally, to prevent overmedication, a 4 to 6 hours of intake interval is monitored. A maximum of 60 mg is prescribed and the maintenance dose is increased according to the present condition of the patient.

Undermedication and overdose  

There are times when a patient might forget to take his/her medicines. In the case of Adderall, if you miss a dose on any particular day, you can take the missed dose until early evening. However, do not take an extra dose of medicine only to make up for the missed one.

In case of an overdose of Adderall, seek immediate help by calling the Poison Help Line on 1-800-222-1222. It is easy to recognize if you suffer an overdose. The patient experiences trouble breathing may have seizures, or you may notice behavioral changes. To avoid, be aware of the dose prescribed by your doctor.

Potential Side Effects of Adderall 30mg

The Adderall 30 mg price is slightly expensive compared to other treatments. Nonetheless, it is very effective. A few patients might experience some side effects after taking the treatment. They are normal and expected and shouldn’t be a cause of worry. However, if they do not subside or get better over time, you should bring it to the notice of your doctor.

Let’s start with the common side effects experienced after taking Adderall

  • Loss of appetite and weight
  • Drowsiness
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling
  • Stomach pain
  • Dry mouth

Listed below are the more serious side effects of Adderall.

  • Behavior changes
  • Aggressiveness
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Changes in blood circulation
  • Affects vision
  • The slow growth rate in children

The aforementioned bad effects are usually encountered when the intake is higher than the prescribed dosage. If such situations arise, you should immediately report it to an expert to secure immediate medication before it’s too late. You can contact the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or visit the site for more details.

What is the Adderall 30mg price?

The Adderall 30 mg price depends on whether it is an IR or XR does. The latter is more expensive as the effect lasts longer than Adderall immediate release. Many purchase this treatment more often because it is really effective for those who are suffering from ADHD. It can be purchased online or in different drugstores. The Adderall 30mg price also varies depending on the pharmaceutical company manufacturing it. Teva is the best for Adderall 30mg; it has the least side effects. You can compare the Adderall 30mg price at various online and local pharmacies to ensure you are not being charged extra.

You can purchase Adderall 30mg without getting an Adderall prescription from World Pharm 365. Here you can be sure of getting genuine products at the best prices.