Accutane 20mg (Isotretinoin)

Accutane 20mg (Isotretinoin)

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Accutane 20mg 

A lot of people are looking for a solution to their problem with different kinds of acne. Accutane 20mg is FDA approved for specific conditions such as Acne Vulgaris and Cystic Acne. Accutane 20mg is considered a very potent drug for which you normally need a doctor’s prescription before you can buy it. From us  you can buy Accutane online without worrying about any prescriptions. Accutane before and after comparison will show a positive result of the other consumers before.

What is Accutane 20mg and What Is It Used For? 

Accutane is a common drug taken by teens who have trouble with pimple or acne breakouts. Accutane is considered as another form of vitamin A. It makes the skin repair itself and recovers quicker than normal. It decreases the amount of oil produced by the sweat glands in your skin. Accutane is manufactured by Roche, its generic name is Isotretinoin and is known under other brand names like Amnesteem, Sotret and Claravis. Even severe acne cases that cause deep craters and painful nodules that will often leave you with noticeable scars can be treated using Accutane.

80% of users considered Accutane as an effective medication when being used for 4 to 6 months. Aside from using Accutane before and after with the most common problems of teens, which is their acne trouble.

How Does Accutane work? 

If you are someone who has used other medicines that do not show any results then you are the ideal person to try Accutane. Vitamin A can be found in Accutane 20mg that will help in the regulation of skin follicles and will also serve as an antibacterial substance to repel the skin for bacterial build up. The effectiveness of Accutane is reduced when the patient is drinking a lot of alcohol, therefore, it nullifies the benefit of the drug.

Always take Accutane with water and food to avoid getting a stomach ache. Drink as much as 0.5 gallons of water every day when you are taking Accutane 20mg, and stop taking any other source of vitamin A.

Effects of Accutane 

Accutane is a systematic retinoid whose main functions is to decrease stratum corneum of the skin. The regular intake of Accutane as a medical treatment for nodules and acne will surely reduce the production of sebum. Sebum is the oil produced by our sebaceous gland present on our skins. Because of that, any bacterial build up that causes infection and turns into acne will drastically slow down. 

Although the use of Accutane 20mg is not that effective when used together with other therapeutic drugs. Reading the instructions of the medicine will help in preventing unwanted side effects for sure. It is also not 100% guaranteed that Accutane 20mg can wash out all your acne forever, despite its effectiveness of taking away your current acne problem. The available Accutane before and after pictures speak for themselves.

Accutane and Pregnancy 

There is always a common warning with every package of Accutane, that a woman who will be pregnant or who is pregnant is not allowed to use Accutane because it can severely put the fetus at risk. Women should also avoid taking in medications for their acne such as Accutane 20mg when they are in their lactation stage.

Some patients especially women are not aware of the risk of using Accutane during pregnancy. A lot of birth defects already occurred in various incidents. Although it was not yet clear on how to determine a fetus that is exposed to Accutane. But it was already proven that any amount of dosage of the drug can produce unwanted results for pregnant women.

Recommended Accutane Dosage 

You can actually buy Accutane online without any prescriptions provided by any doctor. That is why you should also be aware of the recommended dosage of treatment for a certain medical condition. When buying Accutane online, you can choose between different dosages and packages. The normal Accutane price ranges from $1 up to $1.5 per pill, available in Accutane 10mg and 20mg dosages. Packages that you can buy usually contain 30 up to 180 pills/capsules. And again, no prescriptions required. 

Usual Accutane Acne Dosage 

A starter dose of 0.5 mg to 1mg/kg is recommended twice daily, with the maximum dosage that is only up to 2 mg/kg in a day for a duration of about 4 months. If the patient is suffering from very severe acne manifestations, he may require a dosage of 2 mg/kg/day. 

Accutane Maintenance Dosage 

Using Accutane should constantly be with a meal. The usual and recommended Accutane dosage is 0.5 to 1.0 mg/kg once daily basis, this should also be taken with any meal over 3 to 4 months. This amount of dosage is the usual amount of an effective daily dose and proven that a lesser dosage will require a longer treatment period. Taking Accutane without food in your stomach is also proven to reduce its effectiveness. The safety of taking once-daily dosing with Accutane is not recommended as it was not proven to give any substantial benefit.  

Once any improvements occur prior to completing the whole duration of about 3 to 4 months of the starter dosage, you can actually switch to the maintenance daily dosage.

Giving dosage of Accutane is usually based in the body weight of the patient. Here is a tabular presentation of Accutane dosage. 

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Off Label Use of Accutane 

Aside from the usual medical conditions that can be treated by Accutane such as acne and severe nodular breakouts, there are also some medical conditions that show positive response with the medicine such as prevention for patients with cell skin cancer and T-cell lymphomas. 

Cutaneous T-cell Lymphomas 

There is also a recommended dosage for those patients who rarely use Accutane with this kind of medical condition. A dosage of 1 mg/kg/day that is divided into 2 intakes in collaboration with interferon alfa-2b is required for 3 to 4 months of therapy. If there is any positive response within the patient, the medication can continue for 3 more months.  

Squamous cell skin cancer 

A dosage of .25 mg/kg for 2 days that will increase after a period of 1 month, to .25 mg/kg daily for a month, up until .5 mg/kg daily for the following month. The recommended dose can also vary depending on the tolerance shown by the patient. 

Side Effects of Accutane

Accutane can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight that is why we should avoid a lot of sunlight interaction and use sunscreen.

There are a lot of side effects that you can experience when you are taking in Accutane as your medication drug, and once any side effect gets worse, you should contact your doctor. Although some side effects of Accutane that may occur will not require you to have any medical attention of a doctor, those are the side effects caused by the adjustment of your body to the medication. You can also have the opinion of experts, physicians and health professionals on how you can prevent some side effects. 

The following are the list of observed side effects by doctors.

Common Examples Side Effects 

  • Unusual skin crusting 
  • Eyelid and eye dryness  
  • Lip and mouth dryness 
  • Excessive skin itchiness 
  • Mild headache 
  • Hair thinning upon medication 

Rare Examples of Side Effects 

  • Menstruation period for women becomes abnormal 
  • Numbness of certain parts of the body 
  • Prickling and tingling feeling 
  • Fingernails color changes 
  • Occurrence of dandruff 
  • Skin darkness 
  • Facial hair growth increase 
  • Increase in nervousness 
  • Severe sweating 
  • Unable to sleep properly 

The following are the list of observed side effects by consumers 

Common Examples Side Effects 

  • Joint and bone pain 
  • Burning, redness, itching, or other signs of inflammation in the eye and eyelids 
  • Moving difficulties 
  • Nose bleeding 
  • Redness, scaling, burning, pain, or other signs of inflammation of the lips 
  • Harsh dryness of the lips and mouth 
  • Skin Rashes 

Rare Examples of Side Effects 

  • Frequent back pain 
  • Gum bleeding, inflammation, and toothache 
  • Behavioral changes  
  • Minor eyesight problems like blurredness of vision 
  • Severe headache with vomiting 
  • Signs of depression 
  • Severe diarrhea 
  • Nauseous feeling 
  • Long term muscle pain and body stiffness 
  • Yellow eyes and skin 
  • Rectal bleeding 
  • Vomiting 
  • Severe stomach pain 

Given that there is a lot of side effects observe by both patients and experts, doctors confirmed that you can’t have all side effects at once. Only a few can be expected to show up in the period of Accutane medication. And it is quite rare to have a side effect that requires immediate medical attention of doctors. 

Sometimes, side effects cannot be prevented. And it can cause a faster build-up of some infections in our body due to blood circulation improvements. Some patients also experience sudden cholesterol increase together with their sugar levels.


Almost all people will have to experience having an acne problem at least once in their lives. Some may not be that affected by it but there are also some who will experience severe acne.

Well, who is not embarrassed by breakouts? Of course, we are all paying a lot of attention to our physical appearances especially on our faces. This brings up the horror of being a teenager as it was the most common stage in our lives wherein acne tends to disturb our normal lives.

Sounds exaggerated, but for others, it really means a lot not to have acne. There comes the never-ending search for any possible effective medication that is made available. Buying Accutane online can be the best weapon against acne breakouts and that’s guaranteed most of the time when you follow the correct dosages.

You can expect great results from taking Accutane, take before and after pictures to track your progress. When buying Accutane without prescription, you should still follow the recommended dosages.