How to Cure Back Pain

How to Cure Back Pain

Almost everyone can experience back pain at some point in their lives, irrespective of age, physical differences or gender. Once you experience any back pain, it is hard to shake it off and often need to consult doctors or going through some form of physical or medical treatment to treat or relieve the pain.



Acute back pain is usually those that happen abruptly. One morning you wake up and feel like you are not able to function correctly or move your body without feeling a strain or sharp pain. Maybe you had exceeded your limit of doing manual work or physical activities that require you to sit or bend for a long duration. The source of pain is commonly the ligaments, muscles, joints or discs.

Chronic back pain usually perseveres for longer than three months. The pain is felt continuously and often gets worse with specific activities. The sources of such pain can rarely be traced, but the causes of the discomfort are usually due to tissue scarring, arthritis, nerve or tendon damage.

Mechanical idiopathic pain: This type of pain occurs in the lower back or lumbar area. The lumbar region is that part of the muscles on your back that you use for heavy lifting or when you move your body in ways that you are not very acquainted with usually. They can be cured conservatively by emphasizing on maintaining activity levels and body functions to the minimum within a few days. however mechanical idiopathic back pain that lasts for more than six weeks need immediate medical attention where doctors may suggest surgical procedures in severe cases or prescribe pain to relieve medicines such as Tramadol.

Sciatic nerves pain or Sciatica: The sacral region is that area of the spine where the sciatic nerve and the lumbar nerves meet. Any disease or injury that affects this region of the back is called sciatica which usually occurs only on one side of the lower body. The pain shoots like an electric shock from the lower back to end of the leg. It can affect the ankle and foot and often hampers walking, severe numbness or tingle in the leg. Doctors often suggest using muscle relaxants such as Lyrica.

Continuously sitting for a long duration during work, or watching television and spending time on the computer are also some of the activities that severely affect the back. These often lead to chronic back pain as one, and such pain is usually hard to resolve even with therapy, surgery or medical treatments.

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1. Maintaining a healthy weight: Staying fit is one of the best ways to lower back pain. Whether your professional or social lifestyle demands plenty of physical movements, maintaining a healthy weight is the best way to avoid unwanted complications later in life. Most diseases are the effects of being overweight or underweight. Eating healthy, practicing proper postures and regular sleeping hours are some of the requirements for maintaining a healthy weight. It is crucial because being overweight strains the back whereas being underweight makes the lower-back susceptible to fractures and dislocations or other minor injuries. Maintaining a healthy BMI (Body-Mass Index) is the key to prevent back pain and back injuries.

2. Stretch your muscles: Stretching is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body, staying flexible and thus avoiding back problems. It is the first step of recovering from any back injury. Most back pain occurs because the back muscles and spine do not get enough stretches and a sudden or abrupt movement send the muscles into shock. It is best to stretch the muscles before doing heavy lifting or exercise and before going to bed. Stretches such as banding backward, bending forward, bending side to side are some simple steps. Practicing yoga is also an effective way to keep the body flexible and improve muscle strength without the rigor of other physical activities.

3. Focusing on good posture: Most back pains are the result of poor positioning. Whether you are sitting or standing, exercising or lifting heavy weight, bending suddenly or stretching beyond your usual limit, make sure you position yourself correctly. Proper posture helps you to balance your body weight evenly to avoid sudden movements. Exercises such as standing straight with your legs apart and leaning your neck on the sides of your shoulder and leaning your shoulders over the hip joints are some of the most simple stretches that can help with your posture. It is also essential to choose the right kind of seats and back support while traveling on a long journey

The duration of back pain is not always the ultimate indicator of the seriousness of the condition. Both acute and chronic type of back pain is equally uncomfortable and hinders a lot of routine activities such as professional work, housework, sports and even makes it awkward to socialize and may require pain-relieving medications.

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