Frequently Asked Questions

We sell both generic and branded pills.

Generic is a term used to describe drugs that are manufactured and distributed for public use without patent protection. They always contain the same primary (active) ingredients as their brand counterparts. Generic drugs are manufactured by certified pharmaceutical companies who obtain rights to produce these drugs.

Generic drugs cost less than brand-name drugs because companies who manufacture generic versions of drugs do not spend money on research, development and advertising which make up the major cost of production met by original manufacturers.

Generic drugs are of the same quality as the original drug, containing the same active ingredients, in the exact quantity, and also have the same absorption rate as the brand-name drugs.

That’s because it will be a breach of copyright if the companies who manufacture generic pills use the brand-name on their pills. The ingredients in both generic and brand-name drugs are the same.

We accept the following paymets: Bitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, Bank Transfer

You can check your order status in your user account. Once an order is shipped (and you have purchased tracked delivery) we will provide you with a tracking code. With this code you can easily check where your package is located.

This happens in the case where you placed a large order. We may have divided it up into batches during its shipping. Please, kindly wait for the rest of your order to arrive.

You can easily contact our support team at any time and we’ll have your all your questions answered.