Frequently Asked Questions

This happens in the case where you placed a large order. We may have divided it up into multiple shipments. Please, wait for the rest of your order to arrive.
The card is most likely being declined by your bank. Please call your bank and tell them to approve the charge. Then try to pay again and it should work.
If your question is not answered, please use the contact us form.
Sometimes the exact brand displayed in the picture is not in stock. In situations like this we will ship an alternative brand of the same product. The active ingredients will be exactly the same, just brand will be different.
Feel free to contact our support team requesting tracking info. We will send it to you asap. For some products we are not able to provide tracking because they are controlled. This does not mean the order is not shipped though. The order is shipped, we just cannot provide tracking information. Tracking is not available for: Generic Xanax 2mg Pfizer Xanax 0.50mg Ambien 10mg Oxy 40mg Diazepam 5mg Diazepam 10mg
Tracking does not get updated every single day. Once the order is shipped out, the tracking will usually not update until the order reaches your local post sorting center. Please give your order enough time to arrive, refer to the "What are the shipping times?" section above. Sometimes with the Free Shipping option, the tracking actually updates after the order is delivered to you already.
Express Shipping (5 -12 working days) Free Shipping (15 - 25 working days)
We accept the following paymets: Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, American Express
This depends on the product, we have multiple shipping facilities. Please contact us regarding the product you are looking for purchase and we'll be happy to help.
Check the tracking details for an expected delivery date. If you don't have tracking please read the "Tracking" section above. If you have bought a product for which tracking is not available for, please read the "What are the shipping times?" section above, and give the order enough time to arrive before contacting us.